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Emergency Number: +91 9100 020 100

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Emergency Number: +91 9100 020 100

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Celebrating Excellence: Our Journey to Becoming India’s Best Emerging Multi-Specialty Hospital

We are thrilled to have received this esteemed recognition of β€œBEST EMERGING MULTI SPECIALTY HOSPITAL” from the β€œTimes Health, All India Critical Care Hospital Ranking Survey 2023”, solidifying our position as the premier healthcare institution in India. The survey evaluated hospitals across several critical categories, including Cardiology, Neuroscience, Pediatrics, Emergency and Trauma.

Wellness Hospitals excelled in all these areas, thanks to our dedicated team of experts, state-of-the-art facilities, and patient-centric approach.


Β As healthcare systems worldwide grapple with the complexity of providing quality care in a financially sustainable way, one multispecialty hospital in Ameerpet, India, has emerged as a beacon of hope. Wellness Hospitals, specializing in Neurology, Neurosurgery, Cardiology, Emergency and Trauma, Urology, and Paediatrics, has been demonstrating its transformative influence in the Indian healthcare landscape


Traditional healthcare systems have struggled with cost escalations due to the aging of populations and the development of expensive new treatments. However, Wellness Hospitals recognizes that a fundamental issue lies in the system by which healthcare costs are measured. Many of us lack a comprehensive understanding of how much it costs to deliver patient care or how these costs compare with the outcomes achieved.


In response to this, Wellness Hospitals have pioneered a new approach. Rather than focusing on costs at the departmental or service level, this approach prioritizes the measurement of costs and outcomes at the patient level. With this, the hospital moves away from a volume-based model to a value-based model, where the focus is on patient outcomes per Rupee expended. It is not about providing more services or more expensive ones but about providing better care.


To execute this approach effectively, both outcomes and cost are measured for the full cycle of care for the patient’s specific medical condition. For example, the cost of treating a patient with diabetes includes the management of comorbidities such as vascular disease, retinal disease, and renal disease. The end goal? To improve the value delivered to patients, ensuring they receive quality care at an efficient cost. The cost measurement process followed at Wellness Hospitals is detailed and meticulous.

  • Select the medical condition
  • Define the care delivery value chain
  • Develop process maps of each activity in patient care delivery
  • Obtain time estimates for each process
  • Estimate the cost of supplying patient care resources
  • Estimate the capacity of each resource and calculate the capacity cost rate
  • Calculate the total cost of patient care


This process engages all stakeholders – physicians, clinical teams, administrative staff, and finance professionals – thereby bridging divides that often lead to disagreements over cost-cutting measures.

The hospital seeks to eliminate unnecessary process variations, improve resource utilization, deliver processes at optimal locations, match clinical skills to the process, speed up cycle time, and optimize the full cycle of care. This holistic and integrated approach is quite a game-changer, boosting efficiency, and reducing costs.

Wellness Hospitals is not just another hospital in India. It is a transformative force in the country’s healthcare sector, demonstrating that the remedy to the cost crisis in healthcare does not always require breakthroughs in medical science or new governmental regulations. It simply requires a fundamental shift in how we measure and manage healthcare costs and outcomes. The selection as the ‘Best Emerging Hospital’ is a testament to the pioneering work of Wellness Hospitals in this regard, setting a precedent for healthcare providers not just in India, but across the world.


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